15 Dec

WordPress Site Closed

The WordPress version of this site is now closed.

All content has been migrated to the new site at https://greentalk.uk

https://greentalk.org.uk is an alias for greentalk.uk and can safely be used instead.

Existing bookmarks to http://wp.greentalk.org.uk/page-name/ will probably work if you switch to https and remove the initial wp. and also remove the trailing slash.

Or simply go to https://greentalk.uk and find the link to the post you want in the date and title list in the right-hand column.

08 Jun

This Civilisation is Finished…

We need to start seeding the next civilisation, because this one is finished

Summary: This civilisation (meaning: the vast majority now of human life on Earth) will be transformed:

It will either collapse utterly.

Or it (we) will manage to seed a future successor-civilisation, as this one collapses.

Or this civilisation will somehow manage to transform itself radically and rapidly, in an unprecedented manner, in time to avert collapse.

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