30 Jun

EF Schumacher

“A crank is a very elegant device. It’s small, it’s strong, it’s lightweight, energy efficient, and it makes revolutions.”

His reported reply to being accused of being ‘a crank’.

30 Jun

Ted Kaczynski

“Wilderness can be saved permanently only by eliminating the techno-industrial system.”

Mr Kaczynski attempted to start a revolution single-handed from a place of deep principle, following his thoughts to their consequential actions and now his body resides in a federal penitentiary.

And here’s another pertinent thing he said: “The political left is technological society’s first line of defence against revolution.”

Well ain’t that just the truth

11 Jun


“Poetry must be in advance of action.”  – Rimbaud

Also sometimes given as “poetry gives rhythm to action”. Actually it seems the correct quote is ” Poetry will not lend its rhythm to action, it will be in advance” written in a letter to his friend Demeny in May 1871.