26 May


Every so often something comes along, a book, a film, a piece of music, an article, which has the effect of consolidating what you partially know and allowing you to see things in a new light. For me this week Guy McPherson’s current lecture was such a piece of work.

I’ve come across his talks before; he specialises in aggregating scientific knowledge from different disciplines and areas and drawing out conclusions which are at best somewhat uncomfortable for his audience. Sometimes it is described as doomsday porn, which is a little unfair – generally I have come across most of what he is talking about from other sources, and generally I cannot find what he has left out that would mitigate the picture.

Listening to him can be a depressing experience, there is not a lot of room for bargaining with what he has. If you are not already familiar with at least some of the facts presented then you may well find yourself denying that they are correct. Occasionally people get angry with him – shoot the messenger.

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