13 Dec

Shallow is not necessarily bad

I recently used the short phrase “shallow new greens” in a comment on a forum and was pulled up for being pompous. That’s the trouble with throwaway comments; they often don’t convey the intended meaning.

I can see how someone could take it that way so perhaps some expansion is in order. ‘Shallow’ refers to Arne Naess’s late 70’s distinction between shallow and deep ecology. It is not necessarily a value judgement – shallow seas are sometimes warmer and more benign to life than the deep ocean, a shallow wound can be less damaging than a deep one. ‘New greens’ would have been better written as neo-green as I was meaning not new members of the GPEW, some of whom certainly take a deep ecology perspective, but rather the general position of the latest incarnation of the political wing of the broad green movement in the UK.

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