15 Nov

Where’s The Ecology Party When You Need It?

There has been quite a lot of interesting, and I think important, “environmental” news over the last couple of weeks. Most recently there was new UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove’s opinion piece published on the government website hard on the heels of his announcements on neonicentoids and other matters. An environment minister taking action and setting policy based on evidence – surely something that the Green Party would have something to say about.

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10 Aug

Fear and Hope

Much entertained by the dissonance in Natalie Bennett’s response to Theo Simon’s question at her Speaker session at the Green Gathering.

Theo asked (in part) what about the climate emergency  Рtell people or not frighten them?

Natalie answered by first erecting the old straw man that the green movement used to go around peddling gloom and doom and never got anywhere like that – just turned people off. Then she came out with some vague stuff about hope, and how the Greens must tell a positive story, which she, as a shallow green, thinks can be done by talking about how renewables can power a version of what we (the guardian reading class) enjoy now. She then talked of the rise of the right, citing the Austrian presidential elections as well as Trump and the¬† green bogeyman UKIP and how they use fear to get their support – fear of immigrants and ‘different’ people, whereas she insisted that the green way must be to offer hope.

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25 Apr

Step Away From The Light

This is by way of some background into why I have cancelled my standing order to pay national Green Party subs and am allowing my membership to lapse (a soft resign)

I have been a member of the Green Party (GP) for something over 10 years now. During that time I have been actively involved at local, regional and national level both standing for public elections and also in behind the scenes roles at every level.

I have met many impressive, dedicated, thoughtful, honest, true, full hearted and likeable people some of whom I have been proud to count as friends and colleagues.

I originally joined having come to a point in life to make a conscious decision to get involved in real world action in support of long standing (since at least 1970) ecological concerns.

Fundamental to this was an awareness that living a lifestyle that requires the resources of three or more planets to support it is quite simply not a sustainable option. Furthermore it is no longer going to be some future generation’s problem to deal with the consequences – the impact will be during my lifetime, and likely result in a premature termination.

One-planet is all we have, our way of living must match that.

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